Proud to be One Of the Top 30 Business Coaches To Look Out For In 2022

Top 30 Business Coaches

So this is just WOW!!

I will admit that it has been some journey, BUT I did not expect to find myself recognised like this.

Really? One of Top 30 Business Coaches to look out for in 2022… it does have a cool ring to it.

My journey has been a bumpy one.

I have had years of trial and error – and occasionally, embarrassment.

I battled through the same challenges of many business owners.

Challenges that start to consume you and your freedom and your income.

That feeling of utter burn out.

And after some time I realised that there were changes in me, significant changes.

I no longer had that strong business acumen.

I made bad business decisions.

And most importantly, my health was getting worse.

Both physical and mental health.

I heard a quote from Albert Einstein

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’

So… I changed my thinking.

And I finally cracked the code.

Something finally worked.

I then decided to reverse engineer why it worked

Breaking down its constituent parts.

And then rebuilding it again.

I began to intimately understand every element of this secret system.

And exactly WHY it worked.

Fast forward to today...

I've helped over 350 businesses dramatically grow sales, install predictability and consistency in their business...

To get more freedom and give themselves an entirely new outlook on business and life.

This recognition of being one of the Top 30 Business Coaches to watch out for is truly an honour, and the work to get here has been 120% worthwhile.

These companies have used our methods