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On A Mission to Help - Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be Quicker And Easier

7 years ago, I started off as a small business owner, searching aimlessly for ways to realise my business goals. Today, I've made it, and I've helped over 350 business owners realised their desired goals and achieved equally impressive results using the same strategies.

Chris Beard

Dear Business Owners,

Running a business is hard... Really hard...

It’s getting even more challenging when you are trying to grow your business rapidly and balancing your social life.

I get it.

When I launched my business 7 years ago, it was very brutal to my family and social life.

As a business owner, It's my instinct to expand my business.

It’s like, a calling.

This may sound obvious, but I found myself backing off from committing to family activities in the pitch and sway of running a business.

For some reason, I assumed that my family would be understanding...

But, my family relationships were suffering when this had become a habit...

And I was burning out FAST...

It affected my performance in my business and my personal health...

That is when I thought, enough is enough.

I did not go on this journey to create another job.

I went on this journey to create a business that would provide both freedom and income for myself and my family.

After taking years of trial and error...

I had finally cracked the code to create a business that can give me the ideal income and balance for my family and life...

And doing this with my ideal clients...

Having the choice to pick whoever I wanted to work with...

And with whatever price point I preferred...

With this, I had managed to achieve time freedom and finally transform my unreliable time-hungry vampire of a business, into a systemised and highly predictable million-dollar client-getting machine.

I created a SYSTEM that helps me achieve time and financial freedom a lot easier, quicker, more predictable, less stressful, and more fun!

Since then, I have been on a mission to help more business owners in 80 over niches to skyrocket their revenues with the same amount of time and effort to have more legroom, MORE FREEDOM and MORE SECURITY in their entrepreneurship journey.

The entrepreneurship journey could be lonely and exhausting if you walk alone...

But, I’ll walk through the journey with you, and we can have FUN and FREEDOM together!

See you at the TOP!

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Chris Beard
Chris Beard

“What I enjoy most is picking business owners lives up with some simple steps, some clarity, accountability & a little fun on the way. It changes people’s lives”

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